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July 2015
John 21:16,19 ...."feed my Sheep"; ...."follow Me"


   The end of the American age and the American led world order in September will manifest several things. The end of the American age the judgment of God upon us. The American age as we know it will cease to exists and we will no longer be the greates power on earth, we will be humbled by God.  

      Consider these judgments and fall on your faces and repent while you still can and to return to our first love, Jesus Christ. 

   * The judgment will affirm the sovereignty of God over all things.

   * The judgment will strike the realm of America's blessings, prosperity, and sustenance and that of nations.

   * The judgment will involve collapse.

   * The judgment will humble America's pride and that of man.

   * The judgment will lay bare the dependence of America and man on God.

   * The judgment will separate wealth from the wealthy and the possessions from the owners.

   * The judgment will wipe away that which has been built up.

   * The judgment will level imbalances and erase accounts within the nation and among the nations.

   * The judgment will cause a cessation of functioning and an ending within America and the world.

   * The judgment will bear witness against materialism within America civilization and throughout the world.

   * The judgment will make clear the link between America's physical and material realm and that of the spiritual.  

   * The judgment will release entanglements, attachments, and bondage's within the nation and among the nations.  

   * The judgment will strike America's economic and financial realms, and that of the nations.

   *The judgment will impact the realms of labor, production, employment, consumption, revenue, and trade.

   * The judgment will cause production, commerce, trade, labor, investments, profit, and trade to cease or severely  decrease. 

   * The judgment will will annul, transform, and wipe clean the financial accounts of America and the world.

   * The judgment will cause credit to go unpaid and debt to be released within America and the world.

   * The judgment will wipe away that which has accumulated in America's financial realms and that of the world.

   * The judgment will manifest as a sign against a nation that has driven God out of its life, rejected His ways, and pursued material blessings and idols in His place, and calls evil good and good evil.

   * The judgment will cast down the objects of America's pride and glory.

   * The judgment will touch not only the financial and economic realms but every realm of society and life.

   * The judgment will wipe away any structure of culture, human made systems, of civilization as we know it.

   * The judgment will wipe away physical realities. 

   * The judgment will alter the landscape of nations and powers.

   * The judgment will involve and affect the rise and fall of great powers.  

   * The judgment will call America back to God. 

Cry out to God and Repent!