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The Captain of the Lord’s Host, A Might Man of War!

   Who is the captain of God’s heavenly army? Did he also appear in the New Testament and what did he do in that role? Where should Christians stand on the issue of resisting and exposing evil and should we even resist up to and including taking up arms? The story starts in the Old Testament, let’s search for the answers.

  Joshua was about to enter the biggest battle of his campaign against the most fortified city Jericho, listed in the Old Testament. The walls were 65 feet thick and 65 feet wide. They held chariot races around the top of the wall, it was invincible. As he prepared for battle the night before, by Jericho, there appeared a man with a drawn sword and told Joshua to take off his shoes for he was on holy ground. Who was this man, none other than Jesus Christ as the captain of God’s heavenly army, as no angle would take the place as having men stand in their presence as holy ground. This also traces back to Exodus 3:5 as Moses was in God’s presence and told also to take off his shoes. As you can read the rest of the story in chapter 5&6 in the book of Joshua.

  Now many Christians today believe that we are to be passive and pursue God’s love only, never resisting or speaking out against the government or the political correctness that has flooded our society with all it perverted filth. 

  One of the favorite slogans used by Christians is;” What would Jesus Do?” being taken from Sheldon’s book “In His Steps”. That is the great question that must be answered for today’s tyranny and coming total government take over and enslavement of this American Nation. With Home Land Security ready to exterminate Christians, Jews and anyone who stand for freedom. Make no mistake about it the police state is rising up right around your necks and they plan to fire the first shot very soon, we have many proofs of this.

  In the book of John we see Jesus going up to Jerusalem for the Passover and when he entered the temple he took a whip, which was a weapon used for public punishment, and he made it with small pieces of rope and drove, (that is ejected using the whip as a weapon), the money changers, (sellers of animals & acting as banks for a profit), who with the approval of the priest bought & sold in the temple, with their animals out of the temple and threw over their money changing tables.

  This was an act of war as he was acting as the Captain of the Lords Host, just as he did in the Old Testament in Joshua. He made a weapon and attacked the invaders, who had invaded God’s temple and drove them out. Do you think he had smile on his face? Where is the passive love gospel here? Do you think he would compromise with the money changers and animal keepers for a little pay off, as most pastors do with the 501c3 or the average Christian who shakes hands with the world for easy living & easy money to keep quiet about righteousness? 

  The answer is over whelming, Jesus will and would stand and take up arms, just as he did and defend God’s kingdom.( Luke 22:36 “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one”.)We too must be willing to stand and defend freedom or the light of the Gospel will be extinguished here and through the world. God has a three sided nature, Holiness, Righteous, and Judgment. He is a God of war when the need arises, in Ecclesiastes 3: 17 there is a time for everything, in verse 8 “a time for war...” That time is coming and is upon us, it could start within the next 6 to18 months if the plan of the Obamanation is not stopped.

  Now is the time to prepare, start storing up food, get and learn to use a gun for yourself and your whole family, join up with other like minded Christians and patriots. Find and join a local Pepper, survival or other like minded people, become involved in preparing for what may come. Get in the Word of God, find a Pastor who preaches the truth and will stand up and fight for you and your freedom.

 Above all else REPENT as we all need to do that and that is the only thing that will save the nation. Read George Washington’s Vision, it will inspire you, get serious while you still can.

 Life, Liberty and Property are gifts from God, where tyranny begins government by the people for the people ends. 

RESIST TYRANNY AT ALL COSTS, RESIST GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER MAKING US SLAVES!   “To resist tyranny is obedience to God” Thomas Jefferson

My prayer: May the Lord Jesus Christ open your eyes to the truth of our present state of decline, call you to repentance and cause you to stand for righteousness and freedom. Birth in you a fire for God’s Word, righteousness and freedom. Placing in you a willingness to stand up and give your time, money and talent to save this nation. I pray Holy Father that you would keep them from the evil one and sanctify them through God’s truth in your Word. Amen

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Richard C Wilmot, BRR

John 21:16,19 ...."feed my Sheep"; ...."follow Me"